Make your CV stand out from the pile

Once upon a time, getting top scores in a law degree automatically guaranteed you a job. Only a small minority would achieve such high marks and they were considered the best of the best.

These days however, the amount of students gaining top marks actually increased by 16% in 2012. This means that students are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out from other applicants.

It isn’t just law students who are finding it difficult either. More people than ever before are finishing university with top grades so if you’re struggling to get ahead then here are a few things you can do to improve your job prospects.

Gain internships and work experience while studying

One thing many students don’t think about while they’re actually studying at university, is gaining valuable work experience too. This helps you to gain the experience you’ll need when you leave and sets you on the right path within your chosen career.

If you’re studying a Southampton Solent University architecture degree for example, it would help if you could gain on-field experience with a big company before you finish your course. If you’re applying for unpaid work experience, there’s a higher chance you’ll get accepted.

Have a good understanding of the job you’re applying for

What many students don’t end up doing is researching the company they are applying to. It will really help you to have a good understanding of who the company is, what they stand for and any current issues they are facing. You can then tailor your CV to suit their specific needs.

The biggest mistake you can make is to submit a generic CV that doesn’t really give much away about your experience in reference to the job at hand.

Chronicle your gap year and charity work experience

Gap years are increasingly popular with students. Providing you with essential life experience, they are often seen favourably by employers.

It’s important that you list your gap year experiences in chronological order to avoid confusion and explain any gaps in employment. Also mark down any charity work you’ve completed as this shows you have an enterprising spirit.

Your best shot at standing out from the crowd is to gain some form of work experience while you’re studying. This will help to give you additional skills that other students won’t have learnt.

Being prepared to go that extra mile for a job is always looked upon favourably. Remember to research everything you can about the company before you apply too.