Looking For A Career Change?

A career at sea, although hard work, offers a number of great opportunities. From working on the deck to in the engine room, there are various maritime roles available. Those who wish to embark on such a career path must be willing to make a few sacrifices along the way. Such sacrifices include spending long periods of time away from home, working long hours and commuting from one place to the next. However, it’s also a great way to see the world, as when you’re off duty, exploring another continent is an exciting adventure to indulge in. From sailing the Zambesi to visiting a safari in Africa, there’s a lot you can do whilst working away.

Such a job also offers great security and as you work your way up the company, you’ll not only gain good skills, you’ll also be able to better your prospects.

Most who work at sea will often spend a few months away from home, and then a few months working from the land-based offices. For some, this is the perfect solution. Although spending long periods of time away from your loved ones can be tough to handle at first, when you do return, you appreciate the time you have with friends and family so much more. Whilst away, there are a number of opportunities to chat to your loved ones, whether by email or video call.

Where Do I Start?

Aside from applying for a degree in this field, you may be asked to attend various training courses throughout your career, such as the BOSIET three-day course.  Such a course has been created for new entrants to the offshore gas and oil industry. This particular training is often a requirement and without it, you may not be able to travel offshore. It’s important to check you have all the relevant qualifications in place prior to applying for a job in this field.


One of the pluses to a maritime career is the pay. The pay tends to be a lot higher for those willing to work away. It’s also easier to save, as when you’re on a ship for months at a time, there is little to splurge on.

Types Of Jobs Available

There are a number of roles available in the maritime industry. You may apply to be a seaman in hope of one day becoming a captain, an engineer, which would give you the opportunity to work towards becoming a chief engineer or an electrical technician. Whichever role you choose depends entirely on your skills and your passion for the job in question.