Importance of worksheets in ESL classrooms

This article is written by Neha Joshi. 

Language classes need to be lively, since language itself is a matter of lively thinking process and everyday routine. Still sometimes language classes go dry-more so when it is a second language classroom. There are many ways in which this can be resolved; use of worksheets is one of them.

Worksheet helps an SL classroom in following ways:

1. Immediate Practical Use

The taught lesson can immediately be put in use with the help of a worksheet. This will enhance the understanding and make it more apt for the students. After all we learn a language in order to use it. Worksheets would thus provide with an apt sense of meaning and so the learning will get consolidated.

2. Quick Exposure

An exposure to use the learnt things will work as a motivating factor. Exposure is a very important and crucial thing in Second Language Learning.

3. Brainstorm

Working upon the worksheets functions as a brainstorm for both, learner and teacher. A learner gets to know whether she has understood the taught things properly. She is able to raise questions, seek solutions and thereby to be clearer about it. A teacher, on the other hand, comes to know whether whatever she has taught has been received in a desired way. If not, she could repeat or revise her own plan/way to teach the same.

4. A monotony breaker

Worksheets break the monotony of lecture mode. They involve students in an active way. So the interest level goes very high. this makes the atmosphere of the classroom more motivating,free of learner’s anxiety, and communicative, which are some very essential things for an SL classroom.