Worksheet: ‘American Headway Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘American Headway Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice’

Extensive listening practice for American Headway pre-intermediate level. The file provides the link where audio tracks are available for download. For each track I wrote the related questions. Exercises range from word completion to answering questions, true or false, table completion or tick what you hear. Right below each exercise you can find the keys and, often, the total number of blanks to fill in or any other detailed information that enables you to pick an audio track, assign it as homework or do it in class. I have been working on similar sheets for quite a long time now and I hope they can prove useful to as many people as possible.

Download ‘Common Prepositions – Examples’ Worksheet. 

Worksheet: ‘Physical Appearance PowerPoint’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Physical Appearance PowerPoint’

This PowerPoint contains a collection of useful vocabulary items necessary to describe people’s physical appearance. It includes some CCQs to check students’ understanding. It can be used in compositions or speaking activities. In the last slides the students are asked to describe some Hollywood stars. It is appropriate for both elementary and pre-intermediate leves.

Download ‘Physical Appearance PowerPoint’ Worsheet

Worksheet: ‘Common Prepositions – Examples’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Common Prepositions – Examples’

List of the most common English prepositions. Tons of examples. Special attention to the distinction between in/at/on. Explanation and examples are provided in a structural scheme: time, place and other prepositions. External link to full list of prepositions included in the file.

Download ‘Common Prepositions – Examples’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Song Worksheet: Zombie by The Cranberries’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Song Worksheet: Zombie by The Cranberries’

This worksheet is about The Cranberries’s song, Zombie. There is a summary of the troubles in Ireland, then students can listen to the song and watch the video, they have to fill in the blanks, number the lines, or tick the words they hear. The second page will help your students analyse the song.

Download ‘Song Worksheet: Zombie by The Cranberries’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Body Language’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Body Language’

Body Language was initially a presentation for interactive boards, but it can be used in any other way. Most of the times our body language reveals truths or lies. Different gestures have different meanings in different cultures. Here we discuss with our students in a rather entertaining way the messages our body and gestures send to others, when flirting as well (how interesting can that be) . You can introduce the topic with the song Devil in Disguise by Elvis Presley.

Download ‘Body Language’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Present Perfect: Life Experience Worksheet’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Present Perfect: Life Experience Worksheet’

This is a worksheet for teaching or revising the differences between the present perfect and past simple tense. There’s a brief explanation and example sentences at the top of the page followed by an activity in which students are asked to fill in the blank spaces with the present perfect or the past simple of the verbs in brackets. The answer key is included.

Download ‘Present Perfect: Life Experience Worksheet’  Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Spring’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Spring’

This worksheet contains vocabulary related to spring. In exercise 1 students have to match the words and the pictures, in exercise 2 they have to find some other spring words in the wordsearch, and in exercise 3 they have to colour a picture according to the instructions.

Download ‘Spring’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Earth Day’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Earth Day’

22 April – Earth Day and its History. Help students to become familiar or to review the history of Earth Day. Relevant vocabulary terms to match, reading text with photos, 2 supporting videos to help with listening in English, earth idioms, and discussion questions to expand the student’s knowledge on the topic.

Download ‘Earth Day’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Easter Sudoku’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Easter Sudoku’

This worksheet contains a Sudoku about Easter. Students have to complete the grid as if they were playing Sudoku (with words instead of numbers). Every row, column and mini-grid must contain all nine words. Don’t guess – use logic ! Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Download ‘Easter Sudoku’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘True of False Table Game (First Conditional)’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘True of False Table Game (First Conditional)’

Here is a true or false table game I’ve made to practice first conditional. What you need to do is: to print out the page with questions for each player, print out one page with the table game,  find a dice and markers. Each player receives a page with the sentences in first conditional he/ she must finish. To finish them, the player should use imagination and write some true and some false facts. When everyone is ready, players exchange their sheets of papers. The first person to go throws a dice and reads a completed sentence from the page he/ she has got. For example: “If I go to China, I will try fried grasshoppers.”. The player tries to guess whether this sentence is true or false. The author of the sentence gives the right answer. If the player has guessed it right, he/she moves his mark according to the number on the dice. If not, then he/she stays at the same place. The player to reach the”Finish” point first will win. Hope, it helps. Enjoy!

Download ‘True of False Table Game (First Conditional)’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Do or Make?’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Do or Make?’

It is a PowerPoint presentation of the difference between the use of ‘do’ and ‘make’. It has got a brief explanation, some contrasting ideas and lots of expressions which use ‘do’ and ‘make’. Initially it was done for the pre-intermediate students. Hope you find it useful.

Download ‘Do or Make?’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Revising Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Revising Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns’

This is a pretty easy worksheet for revising possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns at pre-intermediate level. Students are asked to fill in the blanks with possessive adjectives or possessive pronouns.

Download ‘Revising Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Easter’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Easter’

This is a Powerpoint Presentation about Easter, with words related to Easter and spring. Students have to look at the pictures and choose the correct option. Some of the words are about Easter symbols, and some words are related to religion. This PPT is dedicated to my beloved son, Tom who died on 7th April 2014.

Download ‘Easter’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Role Play- Strange Illness’

he BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Role Play- Strange Illness’

Students will play the role of a parent and child. The child has to describe an illness and its symptoms to avoid going to school, and the parent has to try to catch the child lying. There is a built-in class assessment–the role play has to address several questions which the class must be able to answer when the role play is complete. I usually have the students start by answering the questions first and building their dialogue around the answers, and it works very well!

Download ‘Role Play- Strange Illness’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Animal Test’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Animal Test’

It’s a very simple test I’ve created for my young learners to practise the spelling of animals. The worksheet includes pictures of animals, mixed-letter exercises and letter-missing exercises. It’s a good way to revise animal vocabulary or it can be also used for testing your students’s knowledge.

Download ‘Animal Test’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘How to Ditinguish Say, Speak, Tell, Talk’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘How to Ditinguish Say, Speak, Tell, Talk’

The worksheet is devoted to the usage of say, speak, tell, talk. It is intended for pre-intermediate students. The aim is to enable students to use these verbs correctly in their speech. This material allows students not only to distinguish the main meanings of the verbs and practise them but also to learn different collocations including them.

Download ‘How to Ditinguish Say, Speak, Tell, Talk’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Online Shopping’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Online Shopping’

This passage is about the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Online shopping allows consumers to shop in the convenience of their own home, and to save travelling time to retail stores and spend their time on other important tasks and hobbies

Download ‘Online Shopping’ Worksheet

Worksheet: ‘Word Search (Greetings / Introduction / Farewells)’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Word Search (Greetings / Introduction / Farewells)’

Simple word search for beginners. It has words related to greetings, introduction and farewells. It can be used at the practice stage, after presenting this vocabulary. But, maybe depending on the level of beginners, they will need clear instructions or even help to do it.

Download ‘Word Search (Greetings / Introduction / Farewells)’ Worksheet