Worksheet: ‘American Headway Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘American Headway Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice’

Extensive listening practice for American Headway pre-intermediate level. The file provides the link where audio tracks are available for download. For each track I wrote the related questions. Exercises range from word completion to answering questions, true or false, table completion or tick what you hear. Right below each exercise you can find the keys and, often, the total number of blanks to fill in or any other detailed information that enables you to pick an audio track, assign it as homework or do it in class. I have been working on similar sheets for quite a long time now and I hope they can prove useful to as many people as possible.

Download ‘Common Prepositions – Examples’ Worksheet. 

Worksheet: ‘Physical Appearance PowerPoint’

The BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled, ‘Physical Appearance PowerPoint’

This PowerPoint contains a collection of useful vocabulary items necessary to describe people’s physical appearance. It includes some CCQs to check students’ understanding. It can be used in compositions or speaking activities. In the last slides the students are asked to describe some Hollywood stars. It is appropriate for both elementary and pre-intermediate leves.

Download ‘Physical Appearance PowerPoint’ Worsheet

‘Fun, Useful Ideas for Working with Adjectives’ by Jennifer Lebedev

Jennifer Lebedev’s latest blog post is titled “Fun, Useful Ideas for Working with Adjectives”.

Jennifer says, “My next grammar video will target the order of adjectives. I find it’s one of those topics that can put me a loss for answers. Why do we put size before color? Why do we put shape after size? Well…because. It sounds like a lame answer, but that’s just what we do. Language users develop standards, and it’s best to observe those standards for clear communication. If you talk about a brown big couch, you might be putting a pothole in the road to comprehension. In contrast, the phrase a big brown couch is easily digested in the flow of conversation.”

‘What’s Wrong With Nonstandard Dialects?’by Barrie England

Barrie England’s latest blog post is title “What’s Wrong With Nonstandard Dialects ?”.

Barrie says,”What, I wonder, do such people make of nonstandard British regional dialects? Here are examples from four of them. Are these equally ungrammatical, illiterate, incorrect, sloppy and lazy? Or are they dialects which have the same linguistic validity as Standard English, but which for political, economic and social reasons weren’t selected for standardization?.”