‘Outwith – collected quotes’ by Warsaw Will

Warsaw Will’s latest blog post is titled “Outwith – collected quotes”.

Warsaw’s says, “Collected outwith quotes

Some time ago I wrote a post titled ’Is outwith a word?’ (link below), which continues to get quite a lot of hits. The preposition outwith is used in educated Scottish English to mean something like ‘outside, not part of‘. One way to look at it is as the opposite of within.”

‘Create a Digital Advent Calendar’ by Shelly Terrell

Shelly Terrell’s latest blog post is titled “Create a Digital Advent Calendar”.

Shelly says, “Part of the Effective Technology Category!

For the past few years, I have played around with creating a digital advent calendar. With an advent calendar, a new idea, prize, or suprise is revealed each day. My Digital Ideas December Advent Calendar will be updated each day with a technology integration idea.”

Create a Digital Advent Calendar

Shelly Terrell’s Blog


‘Organize and Share Files and Bookmarks on Pearltrees’ by Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne’s latest blog post is titled “Organize and Share Files and Bookmarks on Pearltrees “.

Richard says, “Pearltrees is a service that combines social bookmarking with mind-mapping. Using Pearltrees you can bookmark websites and arrange your bookmarks into webs or mindmaps of related topics.”

Organize and Share Files and Bookmarks on Pearltrees

Richard Byrne’s Blog

‘Improving listening sub-skills with music’ by Dogme Diaries

Dogme Diaries’ latest blog post is titled “Improving listening sub-skills with music”.

Dogme says, “One of my current students who had been in that course asked me the other day if I could do another song activity. I thought about it, and what follows here was the outcome of that thought.”

Improving listening sub-skills with music

Dogme Diaries Blog


‘How much have the British changed?’ By David Mainwood

David Mainwood’s latest blog post is titled “How much have the British changed?”.

David says, “You are going to

  • watch a video and read about recent changes in British social attitudes on marriage, relationships, religion and welfare
  • practise numbers, percentages, fractions, the language of graphs and statistics
  • listen to people giving opinions”

How much have the British changed?

 David Mainwood’s Blog



‘Baz’s Quotes’ by Barrie England

Barrie England ‘s latest blog post is titled “Baz’s Quotes”.

Barrie says, “To the University of Oxford I acknowledge no obligation; and she will as cheerfully renounce me for a son, as I am willing to disclaim her for a mother. I spent fourteen months at Magdalen College; they proved the fourteen months the most idle and unprofitable of my whole life. (Edward Gibbon)”

Baz’s Quotes

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‘November 2013 in Review’ by Ozge Karaoglu

Ozge Karaoglu’s latest blog post is titled “November 2013 in Review”.

Ozge says, “November has been a long month! Here is a quick summary of what has happened in my blog this month:Here is a nice poll that you can create with Youtube Videos.If you like Animoto or Photopeach, you will love this post.”

November 2013 in Review

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‘Christmas Teacher Interview: Hugh Dellar’ by Martin Sketchley

Martin Sketchley’s latest blog post is titled “Christmas Teacher Interview: Hugh Dellar”.

Martine says, “3 levels / 26-page printable lesson with graded listenings and 30+ online quizzes

The number of physical attacks against hospital staff is rising in the U.K. New figures from Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) show a six per cent rise in violent assaults on care workers in the past year.”

Christmas Teacher Interview: Hugh Dellar

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‘Going experimental at TESOL France’ by Leo Selivan

Leo Selivan’s latest blog post is titled “Going experimental at TESOL France”.

Leo says, “A summary of the TESOL France’s  32nd annual colloquium  which took place in Paris between 22 and 24 November 2013.

Going experimental at TESOL France

Leo Selivan’s Blog

‘Why do Korean university students look like zombies?’ by Josette LeBlanc

Josette LeBlanc ‘s latest blog post is titled “Why do Korean university students look like zombies?”.

Josette says, “This was the question that was on my colleague’s mind. Bradley Smock (check out his blog Bradley’s English Blog) teaches English composition to 3rd and 4th year English Literature students at Keimyung University. As the semester went on, he started noticing that his students were coming to class looking lethargic and lifeless: like zombies. In an attempt to understand them, he posed the question:”

Why do Korean university students look like zombies?

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‘Accommodating Teacher Talk’ by Chris Ożóg

Chris Ożóg’s latest blog post is titled “Accommodating Teacher Talk”.

Chris says, “I’m sharing the link here from my talk opening the IH Online conference. It’s a wonderful event and I enjoyed presenting. The talk is this post expanded somewhat. The slides are below the video. Many thanks to Shaun Wilden for inviting me to speak.”

Accommodating Teacher Talk

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‘Grammar Basics: Lexical Verbs’ by Barrie England

Barrie England’s latest blog post is titled “Grammar Basics: Lexical Verbs”.

Barrie says, “Just as there are different kinds of noun, so there are different kinds of verb. The broad distinction is between lexical verbs and auxiliary verbs. This post considers the first of the two. Lexical verbs are those verbs that have traditionally been taught as ‘doing’ words.”

Grammar Basics: Lexical Verbs

Barrie England’s Blog

‘You’re a thief and a liar (by Graham Jones)’ by Barb Sakamoto

Barb Sakamoto’s latest blog post is titled “You’re a thief and a liar (by Graham Jones)”.

Barb says, ”

SkypeRead: Movie read-through for language learners

TESS: Do you know what your problem is?

DANNY: I only have one?

Ocean’s Eleven (Warner Bros., 2001)

The scene in Ocean’s Eleven where Danny confronts Tess, his ex-wife, in the restaurant of the Bellagio hotel and casino is a wonderful bit of cinema.”

You’re a thief and a liar (by Graham Jones)

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‘Moovly for classroom presentations’ by Baiba Svenca

Baiba Svenca’s latest blog post is title “Moovly for classroom presentations”.

Baiba says, “hat slowed me down was the process of adding animation to my slides. For a non-professional user, it is rather challenging. Had I persisted, I may have come to some result but luckily I had an idea of asking my students to test the tool. So, in a few days the video was ready. It was made by a 15 year old student Raitis who is good at English and brilliant at computers.”

Moovly for classroom presentations

Baiba Svenca’s Blog

‘Happy Thanksgiving!’ by Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne’s latest blog post is titled “Happy Thanksgiving!”.

Richard says, “Good morning from my hometown of Manchester, Connecticut. This morning I’m going to watch the Manchester Road Race with the same childhood friends that I’ve been watching the race with for 25+ years. That’s my favorite Thanksgiving tradition.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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