‘How to Create Google Scholar Alerts ‘ by Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne’s latest blog post is titled “How to Create Google Scholar Alerts ”.

Richard says, “Google Scholar, like Google Books, is one of the research tools that high school students often overlook. Searching on Google Scholar is not like searching on Google.com or searching in any other public search engine.”

How to Create Google Scholar Alerts 

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‘How NOT to Teach a Great Lesson (or How to Increase Student Creativity)’ by Dave Dodgson

Dave Dodgson’s latest blog post is titled “How NOT to Teach a Great Lesson (or How to Increase Student Creativity)”.

Dave says, “

How NOT to Teach a Great Lesson – in Ten Easy Steps

  1. Walk into class and greet the students with the question “How are you?”
  2. Await a chorused “Fine thanks, and you?” response.
  3. If there was a homework assignment, go through the answers one by one on the board, allowing whichever students put their hands up to answer.”

    How NOT to Teach a Great Lesson (or How to Increase Student Creativity)

‘Testing, scheduling, resuming’ by Anne Hodgson

Anne Hodgson’s latest blog post is titled “Testing, scheduling, resuming”.

Anne says, “Testing.
I hope to resume proper blogging when this book project is done.
I’ve learned so much, including to love scheduling time. I think the way forward with this blog is to go back to the format I had at the beginning, which was to write once a week. That is valuable in that it allows a more essay-like approach than the notebook-approach I’ve been employing over the past year or so. ”

Testing, scheduling, resuming

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‘Ideas and resources for Halloween teaching’ by Adam Simpson

Adam Simpson’s latest blog post is titled “Ideas and resources for Halloween teaching”.

Adam says, “Halloween offers an enormous opportunity for teachers to use their creativity for teaching ideas with a Halloween theme. Reading projects, fun Halloween alphabets, colouring pages and story writing activities all provide teachers with inspiring ways to teach while celebrating the holiday. Here are some Choose activities that are designed for your classroom’s age level and curriculum goals.”

Ideas and resources for Halloween teaching

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