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Angela Maiers: Stop Stealing Dreams

The Angela Maiers latest blog post is titled “Stop Stealing Dreams

Movie Worksheet: Invictus

The team has added a worksheet titled “Movie Worksheet: Invictus”.


Worksheet: Movie Worksheet Invictus in Pictures

The team has added a worksheet titled “Past Simple Bingo 1”.


Worksheet: Missing Word Association Definitions

The team has added a worksheet titled “Missing Word Association Definitions”.


Worksheet: Where’s The Monkey? Prepositions Of Place

The team has added a worksheet titled “Where’s The Monkey? Prepositions Of Place”.


BusyTeacher Blog: Communicative Ideas for Puzzles in the ESL Classroom

The latest blog post is titled

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BusyTeacher Blog: What You Can Do With Writing Prompts Part Four: Types of Essays

The latest blog post is titled Are you a loner?

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‘Teaching English Through Other Subjects’ by B Shoba Rao

This article (strategy 1 and 2) intends to provide evidence to show that English can be learnt through other subjects as well. It also highlights how children

Today’s EnglishTeachingDaily Posts


The latest update on The English-Speaking Union is titled “ESU INTERNATIONAL DELEGATIONS – REPORT FROM DENMARK”.

The English-Speaking Union

TEFLGeek Blog: The Future of English

The latest TEFLGeek blog post is titled “The Future of English

Today’s EnglishTeachingDaily Posts

Video: Classroom Management Tips & Tricks “Documentary”

This is a “documentary” for a classroom management assignment that outlines some simple tips & tricks for classroom misbehavior. It also shows some great examples of what NOT to do.

Video: Teaching Pronunciation with Jazz Chants

Students use rhythmic chants to notice and produce correct stresses in sentences. Through clapping and speaking, the class learns the patterns in a fun, low-pressure way. Later, they can transfer these skills to conversation.

Video: Teaching Action Words with Charades – ESL, EFL, TEFL

In the classic game of charades, students mime action verbs while the others watch. The class guesses the demonstrated verb and makes sentences in the present continuous tense. In this way, students see, feel, hear, and say the word.